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The fact that this city has become so important, especially in its state, has not converted it into a soulless concrete jungle. Dallas is a fascinating combination of financial hub, home to some of the largest companies in the country, and a haven for people who appreciate nature and arts. If your group wants to explore Dallas, we will be proud to arrange group transportation for them all.

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It is easy to book a bus in Dallas


Send us your travel information

You can call us, email us, or simply fill our online form. Either way, all we need is to know everything you need so we can get started!


Confirm and book your bus

The estimate we provide is final; there will be no extra costs at any time of your group ride. Being straightforward and transparent with you is our pride and joy.


Sit back and enjoy your trip

Our charter bus rentals will make you fulfil your schedule in a timely manner. You will be able to attend all the events and visit all the places you want. It is as simple as that!

The best charter busses Dallas

We are driven by excellence. That means our Dallas charter bus rentals use the best vehicles, hires the most experienced staff, and customizes its services as much as possible. Our private bus rental Dallas can be adapted to many circumstances – all we need is that you tell us what your group ride needs with as much detail you can. This way, we can browse our options so as to build the best service package for you.

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BCS drivers Dallas

Dallas charter buses

BCS has ten years of experience in the field of Dallas charter bus rentals. We have become a reference in it because we take every trip as an opportunity to learn and improve. Besides that, we always offer a custom service: the more details you give when you submit your online request, the better it will be for us because we will be able to provide exactly the bus rental in Dallas your travel group needs.

Charter Coach Bus

bus PAX55
bus Suitcases55
bus Hand Luggage55
  • Climate control
  • Radio system
  • Microphone
  • Fridge
  • WC
  • Reclining seats

Mini Coach Bus

Mini Coach Bus PAX40
Mini Coach Bus Suitcases40
Mini Coach Bus Hand Luggage40
  • Climate control
  • Radio system
  • Microphone
  • Fridge
  • Navigation
  • Reclining seats

Mini Bus

Mini Bus PAX27
Mini Bus Suitcases27
Mini Bus Hand Luggage27
  • Climate control
  • Radio system
  • Navigation

Why should I rent a bus in Dallas

The reason why we continuously improve what we do is that we have accumulated many years of experience. Countless personal and professional clients have tried our bus rental Dallas and became loyal. We always do a great job because every group ride encourages our experienced staff to identify how we can perform even better. BCS Travel has become a reference in the segment for those reasons.

High-standard vehicles

Always the best vehicles

Small cabins and constant vibration are things of the past (or trains). Our Dallas charter bus uses only the finest vehicles in the market.

Experienced drivers

Experienced drivers

We want you to see traffic jams only in movies. When you are in the city, our staff will make your bus rental Dallas quick and efficient.

Custom service packages

Custom service packages

You will tell us what you want from your group ride, and our charter bus rentals will help you explore Dallas. And we will even leave you wanting more.

Huge partner network

Huge partner network

You know that friend you can trust with everything? We have dozens of those. And they are all at your service.

Reduced co2 emissions

Low environmental impact

While we are still working on electrification, you may like to know that BCS’s charter bus rental Las Vegas has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions per person compared to cars, airplanes, or trains.

24/7 disposition

24/7 phone line for support

We have your back at all times. You can call that line whenever you need, from the beginning to the end of the Las Vegas charter bus rental. There will always be a reservation team available there to assist you.

Minibus rental Dallas

Whenever we buy jeans, order food, or furnish our house, we come across many decisions. Many variables to define. They exist for a reason: it is a small effort to customize that good or service and, as a result, better suit it to your needs. With our Dallas charter buses, it is the same. For example, if your travel group is made of around 16 people, our agency can offer a specific option of mini buses.

If you are looking for Dallas wedding transportation, corporate charter, sports team bus rental, or anything else, look no further. BCS takes pride in offering custom services because that allows us to cater to all clients. In this specific part of the article, we are going to show how our mini buses can make your private bus service Miami more productive and efficient if you have a smaller group.

Minibus rental Dallas Mini-bus rent Dallas

Luxury Dallas Charter Buses



We make sure to use the latest vehicles available in the market. That means they all comply with the latest standards in terms of comfort. Our charter bus rental Dallas has air conditioning and takes you wherever you want in the city with adequate space for you and your luggage, and comfortable seats which you can recline. Our goal is to keep you relaxed and rested so everyone can enjoy their stay to the fullest.



Whether you rent a charter bus, a 20 passenger van, or a double-deck charter bus Dallas, we have your back. BCS has a decade of experience in the transportation industry and we use it to the fullest to bring you a good service. We explain everything of our service package in the beginning, there is a dedicated transportation manager to help you, and we have a 24/7 hotline which you can contact.



Speaking of safety, BCS makes sure to invest in that front as well. We only work with buses which comply with the local regulations. That means they are equipped with speed limiters and ABS, and follow the latest construction standards. We also service them regularly and check them after every trip. This way, we can make sure that everything under our power is done to protect your group.

Frequently asked questions about Dallas bus rentals

Not at all. In our Dallas charter bus rental, every service is customized to that particular client. That is a special feature we take pride in offering. Besides, that would not be possible even if we wanted to do it: since our services are customized to every client, every travel group has an individual bus driver and a unique travel itinerary.

Of course! Part of our buses are properly equipped for that: they feature wheelchair lifts and offer regions with extra space in order to accommodate them. If your travel group features at least one person with special mobility needs, all you have to do is inform that at the time of your purchase. It will be a pleasure for us to use our resources to make sure that everyone has a pleasant trip.

While using any vehicle affects the environment, we can say that buses do that to the least extent. We have researched and found that bus trips emit less carbon dioxide per person than airplanes, trains, or even private cars. Our mini bus rental Dallas is the greenest option you can find these days.

Our agency specializes in corporate clients and travel business professionals. Right now, we are not able to take orders of our bus rent Dallas from private clients.

Of course! And our professional driver can help you with that. We are happy to provide you with a proper vehicle for that. All we ask is that you inform us of that need when booking bus charters Dallas. Contact our customer service for more information.

We surely do. In fact, that is one of the reasons why we ask you to fill your online request form with as much detail as possible. We will make sure to offer the lowest price we can for your Dallas bus charter.

How can I use a Dallas bus rental?

Are you taking a group of professionals to an event? Leading a sports team throughout the season matches? Or helping tourists have the time of their lives? Whatever is the purpose, BCS can assist you with your plans. Our bus charter Dallas is customizable because we want to give you what you want. Contact us today with as many details as you can. We will provide the best bus service.

Corporate bus rentals in Dallas

Corporate bus rentals in Dallas

Next time your company needs to rent a bus in Dallas, make sure to contact our agency. We can arrange Dallas group transportation plans to pick up professionals at several hotels in a timely manner.

Student bus rentals in Dallas

Student bus rentals in Dallas

Our Dallas bus rentals are the best option to have your students visit new locations. We prepare everything to spare you from the hassle of arranging transportation. We can make your school trips easier!

Private Charter Bus in Dallas

Custom charter busses Dallas

In case none of the other options suits your needs, there is no need to worry. BCS’s Dallas charter bus rental is completely adaptable to your specifications. All you need is to inform us of them when you book a charter bus.

Wedding Bus Charter in Dallas

Wedding charter buses Dallas

What makes such a special day go well is attention to detail. Our Dallas bus rentals can drive your guests to the venue quickly and leaving them plenty of time to enjoy the ceremony as you wanted.

Sports team bus charter in Dallas

Sports bus rental Dallas

With our charter bus rental Dallas, transporting your team to stadiums and arenas throughout the season will be a breeze! We can also make sure to leave enough room for their entire equipment.

Field trip bus rentals in Dallas

Field trip Dallas charter bus rental

Our coach bus rental in Dallas makes it easy for your group to visit specific locations, whether for work or education. All you have to do is inform us where they need to be, and we will make it happen!

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You can call us, email us, or simply fill our online form. The goal is to provide us with all the details of your needs. Our charter bus rental Dallas is just a conversation away from you!

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Top events in Dallas

While the city may seem pacific, it has a rather busy life. There are events for everyone, from the family-oriented State Fair to the enthusiast-focused Mavericks games. Either way, there are options for all the members of your travel group. This is why our bus hire Dallas is ready to schedule group trip itineraries in the city. Contact us with the details of what you need and we will make it happen.

Top places in Dallas

By being one of the most important cities in the state of Texas, Dallas has attractions of all types. You can learn about history, be in contact with animals and plants, or simply relax and enjoy the natural views. Whatever you and your travel group want to do in Dallas, make sure that we can help. Contact our agency today and book a charter bus rental Dallas to drive you where you want.

Dallas Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower

This 561-foot-tall tower is one of the most widely known landmarks in the city. It is its 15th tallest building and is named after the district where it is located. It is part of the Hyatt Regency complex and features a unique arrangement of fixtures with LED lights. Next time you want to get the best view of the city, make sure to include it when you book a city tour with our charter rental Dallas.

Address: 300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75207
Phone: (214) 296 9950

Dallas Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art

This is the pearl of the city’s Arts District. The construction took around a decade, and now hosts over 24,000 works ranging from the third millennium BC to the present day. It features educational programs, a huge research library, and dynamic exhibitions. With 159,000 square feet of available space, it is one of the biggest museums in the country. Our bus rental Dallas can drive you there.

Address: 1717 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: (214) 922 1200

Dallas World Aquarium

Dallas World Aquarium

If you want to learn more about marine life, this aquarium is a mandatory stop in Dallas. It focuses on preserving endangered species and, to that purpose, makes part of a global association with this goal. You can also find countless species of birds, so it is definitely a beautiful attraction for people who appreciate biology. We can arrange a group transportation Dallas for your group of students.

Address: 1801 N Griffin St, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 720 2224

Dallas Dealey Plaza Sixth Floor Museum

Dealey Plaza Sixth Floor Museum

This museum is actually located in the Dallas County Administration Building; it overlooks the city park named Dealey Plaza. It focuses on John F. Kennedy, more specifically his life, death and legacy. You can also learn about Lee Harvey Oswald and the conspiracy theories about what occurred to the president. Contact us today so as to arrange a field trip bus charter Dallas to visit this museum!

Address: 411 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 747 6660

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

This 66-acre botanical garden is located in East Dallas and was founded in 1976, after annexing the adjacent private property. The garden has several regions, each one with a different theme, and is a beautiful example of Spanish park architecture. If your travel group wants a relaxing day, or you are planning a themed trip, our bus charter Dallas can arrange field group transportation to the garden.

Address: 8525 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218
Phone: (214) 515 6615

Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo

You can find this 106-acre zoo 3 miles south of downtown Dallas. It was founded in 1888 and, as a result, is the oldest of its type in the state. It is part of a non-profit organization and features over 2,000 animals of 406 species. The Dallas zoo is a wonderful opportunity to bring your student group or simply to provide a relaxing day trip to a group of tourists. Either way, our Dallas tour bus is ready to help.

Address: 650 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75203
Phone: (469) 554 7501

Dallas airport bus rentals

The Texan city has one of the biggest airports in the world, is the main hub for two major airlines in the country, and has a third airport to support those others. Such a busy airspace has characterized the city of Dallas for the past few years. If you need assistance when going there by airplane, all you have to do is inform us. We can provide you with quick and efficient group transportation in Dallas.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Also known as the DFW airport, this is one of the busiest in the country and in the world in terms of aircraft movement and passenger traffic. It is also American Airlines’ main hub in the country. It is named after its location, roughly between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, and provides services to 260 destinations. BCS provides fast and efficient group transportation for your airport transfer.

Dallas Love Field (DAL)

Dallas Love Field (DAL)

Before the DFW airport was active, this was the city’s main gateway. It covers 1,300 acres and uses two runways. This is one of the most important hubs for Southwest Airlines, not to mention that the city is its birthplace. Next time your travel group needs to use that airport, BCS can provide you with full group transportation services. All you have to do is contact us with details of what you need in your airport transfer.

Dallas Executive Airport (RBD)

Dallas Executive Airport (RBD)

You can find this airport six miles southwest of downtown Dallas. It is a reliever airport for the Love Field one, which means it takes part of its demand. Formerly known as the Redbird Airport, the RBD also hosts the headquarters of the Commemorative Air Force. If you have a group of professionals who need to use this airport can organize a charter bus rental Dallas to pick them up there on time.

Top Neighborhoods in Dallas

While Uptown presents a bustling business life, you can sit back and enjoy a peaceful day if you go to Highland Park. Dallas also offers Deep Ellum, a district where art movements are concentrated. As you can see, the city as attractions for everyone; it is a matter of planning yourself well. BCS will be thrilled to help you with that by using its bus charter rental Dallas to drive your group in the city.

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