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About us

We are thrilled to be here!

Coming to the US was an exciting venture for us. The country has a continental size, 50 beautiful states with unique cultural, geographic, and historical attractions and millions of customers who demand – and deserve – the best. That is why BCS prepared itself in Europe for 10 years before crossing the Atlantic. But allow us to properly explain that.

Our agency believes that knowledge is power. We do not limit ourselves to offer what everyone else does. Focusing on charging the lowest possible price may seem great at first, but it eventually leads to a price war which only makes the customer surrounded by service providers of equally low quality. BCS definitely does not want that for you.

A pillar of our work is to offer custom solutions. In other words, we do not force you to choose between predefined service packages that do not truly suit your needs. We opt for having a conversation where you can express everything your travel group needs. Then, it is a matter of time for us to reply with a service package that makes it happen.

We know that we are promising a lot. We know we can fulfil that because of two main characteristics of our work. One is a fleet of vehicles which we keep in top shape. They undergo maintenance tasks according to a strict schedule, and we update our vehicles every few years. Not to mention we make sure to choose the best buses in the market.

The other is our group of professionals. First, we execute a thorough selection process to assess their health, skills, and experience. Once they are hired, they undergo regular tests that help us ensure that they are still fit for the job. Whenever it is necessary, we are happy to provide support towards that, like when we offer them training courses.

We have gone through those points to explain that, even though we are new in the US, we have plenty of experience. We use every single trip as an opportunity to study our work and identity aspects in which we can improve our services. To that end, it goes without saying that feedback is highly appreciated from both our drivers and clients.

Feel free to browse our website. We already operate in some major cities of the USA, as you will see. By contacting local professionals of multiple fields, we have immersed ourselves in the North American environment in order to find the best ways to work for you. And we make sure to only hire native drivers to maximize your convenience.

The words above are nothing but a symbol of everything we can do for you and your company. Once you send us the details of what you need, our representatives will be happy to reply with our service offer. As soon as we reach an agreement, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Your transportation needs will be handled by the very best.